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University of the Living Tree~

One of the primary aims of The Living Tree Educational Foundation is to bring into being a university wholly devoted to trees, University of the Living Tree; the aim of which is to provide educational programmes of an experiential and practical nature either not generally provided or not provided at all by other institutes of learning.

At the heart of this initiative is a range of basic recognitions relating to trees and human well-being and survival, including an awareness of the need to respond creatively and effectively, through education, to a range of deepening planetary crises – droughts, floods, soil degradation and depletion, water acidification, expansion of deserts, ecological refugees, atmospheric pollution, species extinction, increase in carbon dioxide and harmful gases, depletion of oxygen, and other aspects of climate change – all at an accelerating rate.

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Trees can play a central role in preventing these disasters and creating a more wholesome and sustainable civilization. To accomplish this, a new education is needed. University of the Living Tree is a response to this need.

The Concept & Founding Process~

The University as a Network of Centres & Faculties

The intention is to develop the University as a Network of Faculties in different locations. This will include the participation of other already-existing centres in rural areas which are able to offer educational experiences of a specialized nature. This will enable students to acquire hands-on experience and skills training while joining in the daily working activities of these centres; and/or through attending specialized courses provided by them.

It is envisaged that this Network will link centres regionally, nationally, and also, eventually, overseas; and be able to offer a wide range of experiences and courses.

The setting up of the University in this way, as a network of existing centres of activity, with already existing facilities, does not involve the imposition of yet more buildings on the natural environment for a classroom-based approach to education in which the student is so distinctly separated from what is being studied.

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•The Path of the Seed

While the concept of the University may sound vast, the intention is that it unfolds organically following the path of the seed. The initial location of its planting is on a wooded mountainside at the Grove of Akademus where the initiating and co-ordinating office is currently being established. University of the Living Tree will unfold from there. Its Faculties are also being brought into being, following the path of the seed, with the planting of one at a time. While the first two Faculties are being seeded at The Grove of Akademus, the others will be based at other already existing centres (with which there have yet to be discussions and agreements).


The following Faculties are in varying stages of being developed, from concepts to course modules and on-the-ground projects:

The Grove of Akademus~

The Grove of Akademus is being developed as

Address: The Grove of Akademus, Drimnamore, Sneem, Co Kerry, Ireland.


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